Here’s How to Rock Shoes Without Socks—Even at the Office


“Warm weather’s here. How do I make that whole “shoes without socks” look work, especially at the office?” — Pete L., Robinson, Illinois

Relax. It’s not all that tricky, especially if you follow a few simple guidelines from our style experts. 

First up, some dos and don’ts from Megan Collins of

— DO try the sockless look under slim-cut chinos or tapered wool trousers.
— DON’T try the look with too-baggy pants, or your proportions will look wide and squat.
— DO show a little ankle—a little. Any more than two inches of skin showing below the bottom of the hem will move your pants into capri territory.
— DON’T forget the details: People’s eyes will naturally be drawn down, so make sure your shoes are polished, remember to use lotion (yes, people really will notice that dry skin), and keep the cuffs on your pants uniform.

For more shoe specifics, we went to Dan Trepanier of His advice: “Stick to casual leather shoes, break them in with socks first, give them enough time to fully air dry in-between wears, and keep cedar shoe trees in them whe they’re resting.”

Also, stick to softer leather loafers, he says, and use antistink powder in them. “And if you’re not that hardcore, you can fake the sockless look using ‘no-show’ loafer socks.”

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