Here’s Why This Shirt Brand Got A $250K Investment On Shark Tank

Shark Tank
SHARK TANK - "Episode 1004" - A father-and-son pair from Carlsbad, California, introduce a line of manscaping products for today's refined man; a husband-and-wife duo from Los Angeles, California, present a new way to get refreshed; a duo from Los Angeles, California, enter the tank to pitch their sweet treat that complies with the keto diet craze; an immigrant from Vietnam pitches the Sharks his buttery-soft dress shirts in hopes of realizing his American dream and brings along an unlikely celebrity partner, on "Shark Tank," SUNDAY, OCT. 28 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) ROBERT HERJAVEC, METTA WORLD PEACE, DANH TRAN AND GARY FALKENBERG (BUTTER CLOTH)Buttercloth

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Would you rather be fashionable or comfortable?

Often, this simple question lies at the heart of the decision we all make each and every day—that is, what to wear.

The clothing you put on before work in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Dressing on the casual side can evoke a more relaxed, easygoing state of mind while putting on professional attire can help you settle into a focused mindset. Of course, anyone who is hoping to be productive at work would choose the latter.

The same can be said for days off, too. Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best for a day out with the family or a dinner party with friends? In a perfect world, most of us would like to look as stylish as possible, no matter the occasion.

Or would we? Though most men prefer to look put-together, that is not always the reality. If a dress shirt or a jacket is just too uncomfortable, we give in and go way too comfortable instead.

We’ve all been guilty of underdressing for both work and social events before. In the age-old battle between style and comfort, comfort prevails, leaving much to be desired in the style category.

That being said, what if we told you that you would never have to choose between style and comfort again? Well, the clothing brand Buttercloth has made this a reality.

Buttercloth is a men’s clothing company that understands the struggle between wanting to look great and wanting to feel great, and they offer the perfect solution: a collection of the world’s most comfortable shirts.

The brand launched with help from Shark Tank, where they received a massive $250K investment from investor Robert Herjavic. He invested because he had never felt a shirt so comfortable that still looked so professional and stylish. He knew that once people experienced these shirts, they would be loyal customers for life.

Herjavic’s investment allowed the brand to truly take off. Now, they offer a range of dress shirts, tees, outerwear, sweaters, and more. They use unique, super-soft materials that create the ideal blend between elevated style and pure comfort.

With Buttercloth, you can have the best of both worlds, so try this clothing brand ASAP.


Buttercloth: The Revolutionary Fabric You Can Wear All Year Round


The key to the luxurious feel of Buttercloth shirts is their distinctive fabrics. In all of their products, they use one of two fabrics: original Buttercloth and Icy Cotton Buttercloth.

The first of these is the signature fabric that gives the company its name. Danh Tran, the founder of the Buttercloth brand, developed this unique material after getting fed up with wearing stiff, uncomfortable dress shirts. He aimed to design a fabric that felt like a soft t-shirt but still looked fashionable and put-together.

And so Buttercloth was born.

The Buttercloth fabric is made from a one-of-a-kind blend of 100% long-fiber cotton. Unlike other common dress shirt materials like polyester, Buttercloth feels smooth and silky against the skin. With Buttercloth, you can say goodbye to itchiness and skin irritation coming from your shirts.

Even better, with Buttercloth’s trademark six-way stretch, you can move freely and comfortably on every occasion. Likewise, these shirts have been specially constructed to be incredibly breathable. Thus, Buttercloth shirts are just as wearable in the office as they are for a day out with the kids. You will never feel restricted by a stiff, tight shirt again.

At this point, you might be wondering: What about wrinkles? After all that moving around, won’t the shirt start to look dingy? If you were wearing a regular dress shirt, the answer would be yes—but Buttercloth is far from regular. These shirts use special technology to remain completely wrinkle-free. And, as an added bonus, they also protect against odors and bacteria. What more could you want in a shirt?

Finally, what we enjoy most about Buttercloth shirts is their versatility—they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can truly wear these shirts all year round. With fabric so soft, breathable, and convenient to wear, you’ll be grateful that you never have to take your Buttercloth shirts off.

Buttercloth shirts are available in a range of styles, including dress shirts, tees, polos, outerwear, and sweaters. Once you feel Buttercloth fabric, you’ll want one of each.


Shirts Infused With Mint Fibers? You’ve Never Been So Cool!

Icy Cotton

For anyone who prefers to stay cool 365 days a year, Buttercloth provides the perfect option: Icy Cotton Buttercloth. This revolutionary patented fabric harnesses the cooling power of natural mint fibers to keep you cool all day long. Buttercloth’s new Icy Cotton Collection offers a selection of shirts crafted with this incredible fabric. If you find yourself feeling overheated all the time, this fabric might just change everything.

As opposed to the original Buttercloth, Icy Cotton is made of 65% cotton, 27% mint, and 8% spandex. This blend—particularly the natural cooling power of mint—is what gives the fabric a unique cooling ability unlike any other. Even on the hottest summer day, this fabric feels like a refreshing breeze.

In addition to this revolutionary temperature-control technology, Icy Cotton Buttercloth shirts also have all the same great qualities as original Buttercloth. They are soft, stretchy, and extremely comfortable—to be specific, these shirts are 20x more breathable than polyester!

These shirts are perfect for summertime. When the weather starts to heat up, throwing on an Icy Cotton shirt will instantly cool you down and keep you feeling great all day. And even if you wear one of these shirts from dusk until dawn, you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. Likewise, Icy Cotton shirts protect against odor and bacteria.

Put simply, Icy Cotton is the only fabric you’ll want to wear all summer long.

Right now, Buttercloth offers both long sleeve and short sleeve Icy Cotton shirts. They have long sleeve shirts in twelve styles and short sleeve shirts in eight styles. They even offer polos and reversible face masks made of Icy Cotton.

Cool down with Icy Cotton today!


All The Buttercloth Favorites You Need Right Now


What launches Buttercloth clothing above and beyond the competition is its perfect balance between comfort and style. We’ve spent a solid chunk of time discussing the many special features of these shirts that make them just that comfortable. Now, let’s turn to style.

Because of their softness and generally perfect feel, these shirts are incredibly versatile. If you wanted to, you could probably build an entire shirt wardrobe out of Buttercloth items alone. However, if you struggle with putting together outfits or tend to wear the same three t-shirts in rotation, figuring out fashion can be a difficult task. Where should you even begin?

That is why we’ve put together a few of our favorite, most versatile shirts that would work for any occasion. If you are looking to revamp your closet with a few new Buttercloth products, here are some of our suggestions:

  • The classic long sleeve button-up. These truly timeless shirts will never go out of style. Anyone who works in an office environment with a professional dress code will certainly need more than a few long sleeve button-ups like these.

One thing we love about Buttercloth is that their shirts work in the daytime and at night. You can wear one of these button-ups both at the office and at your after-work night out.

Buttercloth offers a huge selection of colors and patterns. You will certainly be able to find a shirt (or several) that matches your personal style flawlessly.

  • The softest t-shirt ever. Who doesn’t love t-shirts? Although many of us already own plenty of t-shirts, they don’t even come close to the comfort level of Buttercloth t-shirts.

For casual days off spent with family and friends, there is no item more essential than a t-shirt. These Buttercloth shirts are wearable all year round—they’ll keep you comfortable no matter the weather. Or, if you live in a warmer climate, an Icy Cotton t-shirt will be a lifesaver.

Buttercloth t-shirts are available in both a round neckline and as a v-neck.

  • The essential sweater. When it starts to get colder outside, most people prefer a few extra layers of warmth. Instead of wearing the same old hoodies you always wear, consider adding a few new sweaters to your wardrobe.

Sweaters from Buttercloth are ideal for every fall and winter activity: work, vacation, holiday parties—you name it. And, of course, these sweaters provide a heavenly level of comfort.

  • Your new favorite jacket. Buttercloth offers a wide range of outerwear, including jackets, quarter zips, and hoodies. All of their outerwear is both stylish and incredibly warm. You’ll be looking forward to the first day of fall when you can finally break out your favorite Buttercloth jacket.

These suggestions should put you on the right path towards creating your ideal wardrobe.


Try Buttercloth Today!


Buttercloth has perfected the delicate balance between style and comfort. Ultimately, they have eliminated the need to ever decide between the two options again.

The soft, breathable, stretchy, wrinkle-free design of Buttercloth is truly one of a kind. Visit their online store to experience this revolutionary fabric for yourself. Happy shopping!


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