Here’s Why You Only Wear 13% of Your Clothes


Of course you really won’t, and it’s not your fault: A recent study from—yes, a site that sells clothes—found that most men wear only 13% of all the clothes in their closets.

It’s their wives and girlfriends who may be forcing them to buy clothes they don’t need or like—and then resist wearing, says Thread stylist Sophie Gaten. “Guys are wary of those more daring pieces, like prints or brights, because they’re not sure how to mix and match.” 

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But consumer behavior consultant Philip Graves has another theory: that men wear fewer of their clothes because they can.“Women don’t want to be seen in the same dress twice,” Graves says, “but there’s no male equivalent for that. Men are more interested in projecting a consistent image, whereas society pressures women to constantly reinvent themselves.”

So how to go from wearing 13% to 100% of what you own? Pare down. “Having dark jeans that fit you well, a fitted tee in a neutral, and a navy, gray, or black sweater is a great starting point,” says Gaten. 

And, hey, it’ll work with the beanie.

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