Hi-Tech Fix: Body Hair


When you look good, you feel good. Here’s another hi-tech grooming solution

Hi-tech fix: Zap the roots
If you look like you’re wearing a sweater even when you’re wearing nothing at all, you may want to consider laser hair removal. The good news is that you can now take care of de-fuzzing in the comfort of your own home with the TRIA Laser. It uses the same diode laser technology as professional machines, and targets hair follicle’s dark pigment to convert it into heat, destroying the roots so new hair won’t grow back. It’s ideal for guys with light skin and dark hair, since the laser works by detecting the contrast in pigment. For best results, use once every two weeks for three months, and then do once-a-month maintenance sessions to catch any stray hairs. ($595; TRIABeauty.com)

Low-tech trick: Give it a little pull
If you have only a few coarse chest or stomach hairs, try using tweezers with narrow, pointed tips to pull hair out at the roots. To make it less painful, tweeze after a hot shower when your pores are open and hairs are easier to remove. Unlike after shaving, your skin will feel stubble free. A good pair to try is Tweezerman’s Body Tweezers, because the long handle makes the tool easier to grasp. ($22; http://www.tweezerman.com/scripts/item.cfm?gc=O&sc=BB&itemsku=1270T&topm…) For hard-to-reach back hair, wipe on hair removal cream, such as Nad’s For Men HandsFree Hair Removal Body Cream. Let the cream sit on skin for about five minutes, and then wipe off completely with a damp washcloth. ($13.50; amazon.com)

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