This High-tech Company Tests Your Genes to Give You the Ideal Treatment for Your Skin

Man Puts On Eye Cream in the Bathroom
PeopleImages / Getty Images

We get it: Plenty of guys are more concerned with stacking on muscle than finding the ultimate skincare regimen.

And we don’t blame them: getting a beach-ready body or sculpting broad shoulders is essential to staying fit and healthy. Plus, that ripped physique could even help you snag the attention of your dream girl.

But you know what most people—including the woman you’ve been eyeing—are more likely to notice before your six-pack or muscled-up triceps? Your face—more specifically, your skin.

And unless you’ve got a blemish-free face (and really, who does?), you’re going to want to find a few products—without having to brave the cosmetics aisle with pushy sales people—that work to target your specific problem areas.

Enter: Targeted Skin.

In the world of cosmetic care, Targeted Skin is about as effortlessly high-tech as at-home skincare gets. Here’s how it works: You swab your cheek, ship it off to a lab for analysis, and then receive a personalized kit of products tailored to your skin genetics. No more figuring out what cream or salve is ideal for your face, just some scientific analysis—and you can finesse your skincare routine with just a handful of products.

The only other thing you need to do is actually put the stuff on your face—and if you can fit in a full-body workout in five minutes, then we bet you can squeeze in a few extra seconds in the morning and evening to prevent acne and wrinkles. Your skin—and, who knows, maybe even your love life—will thank you.

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