Holiday Tip Guide

Holiday Tip Guide

Skimp on holiday tipping and they’ll skimp on your service. The going rates:

Building superintendent:
From $30 to $100 — depending on how much work your apartment needed this year. Anything less, and
super-man won’t fix your leaking toilet till July.

The dollar equivalent of one cleaning visit will make her feel like she’s really cleaned up.

Bartender at your favorite hangout:
$20 — and for the rest of the year, you’ll be sippin’ pretty.

Maitre d’ at the hot restaurant:
A mere $50 guarantees a great table and zero wait every time (unless it’s one of Puffy’s hangouts).

Postal carrier:
One Lincoln (paper, not coin, Scrooge) will do. (Federal law prohibits carriers from accepting more than $20.)

Personal trainer:
The cost of one training session. Pummel the ingrate if he says, “Gimme 10 more!”

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