The Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2013

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Hot and trending this year along with all the classic halloween costumes of witches, zombies and paper towel wrapped mummies, you can expect to see pop culture running rampant on the streets. 

Halloween 2013 is all about hit TV shows, pop icons and blockbuster movies. Here are the top ten most searched this year:

  • Minion costume
  • Breaking Bad costume
  • Fox Costume
  • Duck Dynasty costume
  • Miley Cyrus costume
  • Minecraft costume
  • Daenerys costume
  • Batman comstume
  • Gatsby dress costume
  • Daft Punk costume

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Along with cyber punks inspired by Daft Punk’s latest album and pixelated Minecraft box-heads,  you can expect to see troves of nude suit sporting Miley Cyrus look-alikes, most likely a celebration of the celebs famous 2013 Video Music Awards meltdown that began somewhere in the general region of Robin Thicke’s zipper. Fox suits,  based on Ylvis’ hit parody of music, “What Does the Fox Say?”, will also be out in force; however, hItting highest on the charts for all ages seems to be Despicable Me minions, the over sugary little yellow monsters strapped into blue overalls with oversized glasses. 

Halloweeners with a taste for the dramatic and fantastic will look to popular TV characters from AMC’s Breaking Bad and HBO’s Game of Thrones. You’ll see bleached heads of long flowing curly hair as Daenerys Targaryen impersonators will most likely side step out of the way of dodgy looking Walter White’s in Hazmat suits and masks. The beards, camo and drawls will be out a plenty as A&E’s reality show Duck Dynasty brings the redneck entrepreneurial spirit into the trick or treat spotlight. Flappers, caped crusaders, and most likely roving hoards of zombies paying homage to The Walking Dead will also be likely candidates for a good haunting this 2013.

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