How to Combat (and Prevent) Sweat All Over Your Body

CC Sabathia
 Nick Laham/Getty Images

It’s about to get very hot, and your body is about to turn into the human equivalent of a slimy, melting popsicle—unless you take proper steps to prevent and combat overheating.

But here’s the thing: No matter how tempted you might be, it’s a little labor-intensive to slather your trusty anti-perspirant all over every square inch of skin.

If you’d rather not soak in sweat all summer, then take these sweat-prevention tips to heart. With these tips to reduce and prevent sweat on your face, feet, crotch, torso, and armpits, you’ll be covered from head to toe.

Facial sweat

To prevent face sweat:

If you’ll be outdoors, stick with lightweight SPF-packed moisturizers (like this one from Clinique) instead of sunscreen. These will absorb better into the skin, allowing whatever necessary percolation is needed—but it won’t suffocate the pores like a sunscreen, which leads to additional sweat and clogged pores. If you’ll be indoors, or outdoors in the evening, grab a face oil (we like this one from Jack Black cosmetics) that absorbs in record time, doesn’t leave you feeling oily, and nurtures the skin with a host of helpful nutrients.

To combat face sweat:

Keep a witch-hazel disposable face towelette (like these aftershave cloths from Fulton and Roark) in your bag to wipe away dirt, sweat, and grime that accumulates throughout the day. It’ll hydrate and balance the skin while removing all the gunk. But act fast: If sweat dries on your face, you’re much likelier to get clogged pores and break out.

Crotch sweat

To prevent sweat:

Wear a pair of moisture-wicking underwear like these boxers from Saxx, which expel sweat to the outside of the fabric so that it can evaporate. But, before you slip them on, coat the area with a tapioca-starch cream like this one from Anthony cosmetics, which creates a barrier between your skin and your clothes, protecting you from sitting in a metaphorical sauna. This combo is the best way to avoid a nasty bout of jock itch.

To combat sweat:

Just stuff a few paper towels in your underwear. Too weird? Fine: Pack an extra pair of underwear every day. We mean that—sometimes the best solution is to just change your drawers, instead of soaking in your own filth all day.

If you want you prevent chafing and fight any bacteria and fungus that could lead to an infection, then apply a layer of soothing oil to your nether regions—Brooklyn Grooming makes a good one—before you depart for the day.

Torso and back sweat

To prevent sweat:

Wear a ventilated tee or undershirt like this one from Ministry of Supply to encourage air flow to your core. You can also apply the same cream-to-powder tapioca starch to your body as you would your groin. It can turn a little chalky, though, so it’s best worn with a lightweight white undershirt. If you’ve got a lot of body hair, it helps to keep your hair trimmed short—it’s kind of like taking off a layer of clothing, when you consider it’s kind of like a permanent sweater.

To combat sweat:

Stock up on body wipes—these are some of our favorites—and just slip into a bathroom stall for a torso once-over if you need a quick refresh. It doesn’t hurt to stock an extra undershirt for the day, either. (We know that’s not a novel idea, but it is a logical one.)

Sweaty feet

To prevent sweat:

Sprinkle some anti-fungal powder into each sock—no need to get fancy—to prevent a daylong case of soggy feet—and, in turn, athlete’s foot. 

Another option: Get some ventilated, moisture-wicking socks—these pairs from Bombas come in lots of styles—which will keep your feet cool and dry.

To combat sweat:

Take off your sweaty socks, for one, and then put some new ones on. And maybe heed the advice in the previous section, which will keep you from getting into this predicament in the first place.

Sweaty armpits

To prevent sweat:

Simple: anti-perspirant. Grab a solid stick or a dry spray like this one from Dove Men+Care, and you’re done. Don’t want to use the aluminum-packed products? You can always get botox injections in your armpits. (Yeah, we’ll take anti-perspirant over that, too.) Alternatively, some brands, like Arm and Hammer, make effective non-aluminum deodorants; they’re not quite anti-perspirants, but they do help squelch excess sweat and keep you smelling nice.

Otherwise, stick with the aforementioned ventilated tee to stimulate airflow.

To combat sweat:

Same thing, really: Spray on some anti-perspirant. Or give those pits a faux wash with body wipes.