How to Fight Odor and Sweat Without Deodorant

How to Fight Odor and Sweat Without Deodorant
Eugenio Marongiu / Getty Images

There’s no definitive proof the compounds in deodorants and antiperspirants—like aluminum, parabens, silica, and talc—are harmful, but they have come under a lot of scrutiny as of late.

So we get your desire to go without.

Of course, sweating is a natural bodily function that helps regulate your core temperature and keeps your skin healthy, so trying to stop sweating entirely wouldn’t be smart. But there are steps you can take to cut down on the stink.

Basically, bacteria cause these odors, so keeping the pits clean is key. “Many people don’t realize how important it is to wash your armpits well with soap and water when you shower or after a sweaty gym workout, then dry off and apply a bacteria fighter immediately—before bacteria can get going,” says Starre Vartan, of the Mother Nature Network.

“If you wait a couple of hours, you’re just applying it over the bacteria, and it’s far less effective.”

There are plenty of all-natural products you can use, including alcohol, baking soda, and essential oils. Vartan uses her own homemade spray-on formula: a mix of two-parts alcohol (she uses a high-proof organic vodka) and one part water, with sage and lavender or tea tree and orange oils for scent.

That should keep those suckers down.

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