How to Freshen Yourself up After a Sweaty Bike Commute to Work

Man Riding Bike
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Riding a bike to work is great—but arriving drenched in sweat and feeling gross all day is a problem. Even if your office doesn’t have a shower, there are steps you can take to feel fresh and clean.

First, shower at home and put on a good deodorant. Then be sure your bike gear is made of sweat-wicking fabric that’ll pull sweat away from the body—it’ll keep you cooler.

At the office, wet a washcloth with really cold water and put it on your brow. Or keep a couple of wet washrags in a refrigerator if you have one—in fact, get a small fridge and keep it under your desk for just that.

Then put more cold water on the cloth and dab it on the bone behind your ear—that’ll instantly cool you off. Or use an ice cube—not so long you have a brain freeze, just enough to give you a cooling sensation. You can even use a spray bottle filled with ice water—that’s what I do when customers sweat in the shop.

After that, give yourself a sponge bath. Comedian George Carlin said, “All you need to do is wash the four key areas: armpits, asshole, crotch, and teeth.” It’s so fucking true, that’s where smell is produced.

So sponge bath that stuff, towel yourself off, and apply more deodorant, and you’ll be good to go.

Short Maniace is the owner of J.P. Kempt Barber Social in San Francisco. Email him at [email protected].

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