How Green Is Your Underwear?

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Like so many other things out there that are awesome — cars, steak, smartphones —clothing isn’t all that great for the environment. It turns out that it takes several dozen pounds of water to produce a single pound of clothing, with the lion’s share going into the dyeing process.

Jockey International, the Wisconsin-based underwear company that’s been around since the 1870s, just launched a new line of eco-friendly underwear and tee-shirts that uses a waterless dyeing process, which is a step in the right direction considering how much water goes into making clothes.

The Jockey Sport Outdoor Eco-Fusion collection is geared for hiking and other activities that pit you against nature. If you like to spend your time in the great outdoors you’re the target consumer here. The lightweight underwear includes things like mesh panels for ventilation, odor-fighting and moisture-wicking man-made fabrics that come in forest green, midnight blue and gray colorways. The collection includes Boxer Briefs ($32 for 2), Midway ($32 for 2), Crewneck Tee ($22) and V-Neck Tee ($22).

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