How to Hack a Three-piece Designer Suit—and Save Thousands of Dollars


Any HR rep can tell you: What you wear on the job needs to set you apart from the crowd, whether you’re in a staff budget huddle, at a crucial away-game pitch meeting, or just interviewing for the job in the first place. At most firms, that means dressing traditionally, but in a way that also lets you stand out.

You could do that in Brioni’s double-breasted glen plaid getup, for example—it’s handsome, but, with its purple flourish, has just the right amount of dandy. Unfortunately, from collar to lace-up it also rings up $8,875.

So we broke it down, piece by piece, and found the best, and affordable, style complement to any PowerPoint presentation. Here’s how we did it—so you can, too, and snag the look above.

The Suit

We eschewed the double-breasted jacket for a snazzy gray-with-purple Tallia Orange three-piece. When you hang the jacket on a chair to work the room, you’ll still look great in your waistcoat. ($495)
You save: $6,030

The Shirt

This Joseph Abboud for Men’s Wearhouse shirt also features glen plaid, just in a smaller pattern. That’s called “not being boring.” ($100)
You save: $495

The Tie

You want neckwear to match your suit. This silk-cotton tie, also from Joseph Abboud for Men’s Wearhouse, pairs with this outfit because it’s not too shiny. ($75)
You save: $155

The Shoes

Don’t get funky with your footwear. These chukkas from Mark Nason by Skechers are the perfect shade of black. ($120)
You save: $1,405

This Look: $790
Brioni Look: $8,875

Total Savings: $8,085

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