Going Bald: Here’s How to Handle It


Balding is a condition that happens to almost all men—as many as 70% will deal with thinning hair or balding at some point. It’s something that is ingrained in your DNA and you don’t have much control over. But, it’s better to be old and bald, than full-haired and dead, right?

The biggest challenge of balding isn’t really the physical aspect; it’s the emotional play. So, the first step to dealing with the fact that you’re balding is to accept it, but know that you can do things to address it. Denying that you are balding isn’t going to do anyone any favors and it’s how you end up with things like the “comb over.” Once you accept that balding is happening, there are several things you can do to help slow the process, maybe even regrow some hair, or find a hairstyle that works with thinning hair. Read on for six ways to do just that.

Eric Bandholz is the founder of Beardbrand and a men’s grooming expert.

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Get the right products 

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a topical over the counter drug that will work to regrow hair that you’ve lost. To see results you must use it daily and when you stop using it, you’ll lose the hairs that you grew.

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Or, head to your doc to get a prescription

Finasteride (Propecia) is an oral prescription medication that will affect your hormones to stop the balding process so you can keep the hair you still have.

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Change your hairstyle

If those less-intrusive solutions don’t work, my first recommendation is to find a hair style that works for thinning and balding hair. There isn’t a single hair style that will work for all types of hair loss. So as a general rule: the more hair you lose, the shorter you should style it. If you have a receding hairline you may be tempted to cover it, but actually a side part works very well with a higher hair line. Check it out here and here.

A style that worked for me with a thinning crown is a disconnected fade. The hair is longer in the front and tapered short towards the crown. It is styled to move back towards the crown and rest there. If you aren’t completely bald there, this can be a great option. This hairstyle is also called the “Fury Cut” after Brad Pitt’s haircut in Fury. The key is that you don’t want to look like you have a hairstyle to cover up an area, but rather that you’re working with the area. Take advantage of the parts of your hair that are thick.

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Consider transplants

If you must hold on to your hair, you’ll need to look into hair transplants. It’s not a miracle solution, but it’ll help relocate hairs from the side and back of your head to the top of your head. It’s a costly solution that may need to be touched up after several years as you continue to lose your hair. Depending on your method, you may also have scarring to deal with.

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Grow some facial hair instead

A beard will help bring the eyes of others down and away from your hairline rather than towards it. it’s a great balancing affect and can really help give a distinguished look. Prince William is a perfect example.

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Be confident

If you don’t want to treat the condition, then you’ll want to embrace it. You aren’t alone and are actually part of the majority when you deal with hair loss. Feel confident knowing that you are in control of the actions you want to take to handle it.

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