How to Layer Up and Still Look Good This Winter

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Having grown up in a desert climate, anything more than two layers in any weather makes me feel like Joey sporting Chandler’s entire wardrobe on Friends. But that incredibly dated reference aside, layering up while still looking good can be difficult when temperatures swing across the spectrum on a winter day. You need enough cover to stay warm while still walking comfortably, but with versatility that allows you to remove items when you’re at the office, and replace them when heading out.

For that, cashmere is key says J. Hilburn creative director Jon Patrick, who styled this winter look for us at his Manhattan Pop-Up Shop in Midtown New York. "The grey cable knit is 12-gauge cashmere, which offers a lot of warmth so you don’t need a lot of bulk,” he explains. "It gives you plenty of flexibility, and is great under a sportcoat or jacket."

When adding cold weather style to your wardrobe, Patrick suggests that you start with a strong foundational style pieces – blazers, overcoats, sweaters, and seasonal work shirts in classic colors like navy, grey, and camel – and then extend the life of your wardrobe by "introducing seasonality and trend" though new accessories like scarves, textured ties, pocket squares and rounds, or even a lapel flower.

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"Keep the colors tight without being too matchy, and then add a great pop of Fall color like a brushed and milled burgundy silk scarf," Patrick suggests. "You could see this guy wearing jeans or a corduroy trouser. He has something going on, but it’s not screaming at you. And if it gets too warm you can lose the jacket, pop off the sweater, and be comfortable."

For a top layer amid the worst conditions, a good overcoat with quilted lining will keep the heat in and the wind and rain out while not weighing you down with excess bulk. "And you can see there’s some tonality going on between the grey, the navy, the chambray, and the camel, which really helps pull everything together." 

Check out J.Hilburn's Manhattan Pop-Up Shop from now through November 15.

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