How to Look Good This Winter

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We know it’s cold outside, but it’s no longer fashionable to look like the Michelin Man. And to be honest, it was never an attractive look (sorry, big guy). Looking good may not be your top priority when it’s downright freezing outside. But if you want to have a woman to weather the cold with, it might be time to try.

AskMen has created a list of the do’s and don’ts of winter fashion. Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next to time you leave the house:

DO Stick with a Classic Hat
Just because your girlfriend has taken up knitting doesn’t mean that you should wear her experiments on your head. Goofy, handmade hats might be cozy, but they make you look pretty ridiculous. Stick with old school options: basic ski caps, fedoras, newsboy hats and bowlers. They’re classics for a reason.

DO Layer with a Vest
Vests are pretty slick, and they’re perfect for layering. Wear one on top of a slim-fitting sweater, and you have a weather-resistant, stylish shield. Just don’t forget about proportions—you’ll want to keep the puff factor down.

DON’T Wear Ugg Boots
We know Ugg boots are technically unisex. And yes, we know they’re comfortable. But if this oversized yet feminine shoe doesn’t look good on your girlfriend (don’t lie), why would it look good on you?

DON’T Mix and Match Athletic Wear
A thermal t-shirt is perfect for staying warm underneath a sweater, but keep the athletic gear hidden when going out. If it’s not appropriate to wear soccer shorts with your button down in the summer, it’s not okay to wear motocross gloves and a giant snowboarding jacket with your khakis this winter. We know you think it looks cool, but you’re already going home with yourself. It’s everyone else you have to impress.

For more tips, see AskMen’s full article.

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