How to Rewaterproof Your Gear

Got a jacket that used to repel water but now sucks up the rain like a sponge? Instead of tossing it, revitalize that old shell. Here’s how:

● Remove all exterior grime. You want the waterproof treatment to stick to the fabric, not to the crud. Use cold water and powder detergent and let dry thoroughly.

● Wash your jacket again but with a waterproofing solution. We like Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In ($12 @ Before starting the machine, make sure all the old detergent buildup is cleaned out.

● Hang jacket in a warm place. Wipe off any excess treatment with a wet cloth. If the care label says it’s OK, you can also toss your jacket in the dryer on low heat (throw in an old tennis ball to help it dry quicker).

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