How to Steal the Hairstyles From the Best-looking Men on TV: Jon Snow


Kit Harington really cleans up, whether he’s on the battlefield (as Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow) or on the red carpet (as Kit Harington’s Kit Harington).

You needn’t study the White Wolf long to know that the source of his power is his hair. And, since nobody in the House of Bolton has seen Samson and Delilah, it’s why Jon Snow is the new King of the North. (That’s our theory.)

Unfortunately, only some guys will be able to steal the style for themselves: “It’s mostly nature,” says Tony Jimenez, Master Barber at Ludlow Barber Supply in NYC. And Harington’s got the genes: You’ll need really thick, naturally wavy hair to replicate the effortlessness here. This is quite the opposite for shorter styles; guys with thick hair often end up with poofy, awkward cuts, whereas men with thinner, straight hair wear them easily. 

So there you have it: Jon Snow, with his perfect hairline and hair density, is one lucky Bastard of Winterfell. And, if you’ve got thick, unruly hair, the “Jon Snow” could be your life-saving, low-maintenance break from those dorky, mushroom-shaped styles.

Here’s how to get the look for yourself, with advice from Jimenez.

Before You Visit the Barber:

Make sure your hair is at least at the shoulders when dried. If it’s longer, then this is the point to which you’ll cut it.

Lastly, if your hairline is recessed, it’s best to skip this look: “Kit’s style definitely emphasizes any recession,” Jimenez warns. “You need your hair to be strong in the front since it lays back and shows off the entire hairline.” We wanted to spoil that for you now, to save you two years (that’s eight seasons!) of growth.

What to Tell the Barber:

This one’s quite straightforward: Ask for an even cut at the baseline, all around the shoulders. Don’t layer it. Don’t texturize it.

“Curly hair has great natural texture,” Jimenez says. “You only need to make sure it’s even all the way around. Once it bounces back, it’s going to uneven itself in a good way.”

How to Style: 

First and foremost, do not shampoo often. Maybe that sounds crazy, but shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, and this style thrives off those oils. It dries the hair and adds a bunch of unnecessary, untamable volume while compromising the wavy texture. You should rinse your hair every night to rid of grime and excess oil; this will suffice on most days. Jimenez recommends shampooing only once a week, followed by conditioner to resurrect some of the natural oils and curls. (Melisandre would be proud.)

After showering, towel dry the hair to absorb excess moisture, but don’t wait for it to dry completely. For a natural, loose curl all the way around, use a quarter-size of styling cream or wax, or a combo of them. Apply in a scrunching motion from the tip to the root, all the way around the head, focusing mostly on the roots.

The wax alone won’t do your longer hair much good, but it does help keep a style in place by controlling hair at the root; it also gives the overall look a nice oil texture and finish, but only with the cream as a vehicle for a light, even distribution. For the best results, start with a small amount and add more as needed.

After applying the product around the roots, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to distribute it throughout the entire mane. Jimenez warns against pulling too hard here: “Push it up, then out,” he says. “This will volumize and texturize the hair as you go, instead of sending it to the back of the head like most short styles.”

This should complete the look; your natural waves won’t require a finishing spray, and the application should last the entire day. Remember—only wash it once a week (followed by a conditioner), and instead just rinse it nightly to rid of the product and excess oil.

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