How This Travel Photographer Keeps His Hair Stylish and Fresh While On the Go

When it comes to being a frequent traveler, you don’t always have time to book a time slot with your local barber. But if you’re looking to achieve a badass, stylish cut on your own, you need the right tools to maintain it. For Clint Johnston, a travel photographer who has been to many far-reaching places, the way to do that is with the Wahl Elite Pro Clipper Kit.

As someone who travels more often than not, Johnston doesn’t always have time to go get a shape-up or a haircut at the barber. That’s where the Wahl kit comes in. “It’s essential for my everyday needs,” Johnston says. “It keeps me looking fresh, so if I’m out all day hiking and shooting, I can come home, clean up, and go out at night, no problem.”

The kit comes with a number of different guard attachments, varying in length from short to long, as well as a cleaning brush, scissors, blade oil, and more, so it can take care of almost any hair-styling need you want. After spending time out in the wilderness, all it takes is a few strokes and you can clean up any stray hair or spots to get a fresher look.

“Wahl helps me upgrade my grooming game because it helps me transition from rugged to refined in a matter of minutes,” Johnston says. “As soon as I get home, I can clean up and I’m ready to go.”

Check out more specifications of the Wahl Elite Pro Clipper Kit.

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