How to Dress Like the Most Powerful Man on TV

Courtesy of Netflix

If you're like most red-blooded American men who've seen the Netflix flagship drama House Of Cards, it's hard not to idolize the show's Machiavellian power-hungry protagonist, President Frank Underwood, real person or not. Onscreen, he's a presence that commands attention through a steady stare, Kevin Spacey's booming baritone, and an impeccably tailored wardrobe through the talents of long-time stylist Johanna Argan.

The Tailored Suit
When she's not custom-making suits and shirts for Spacey, Argan has preferred to drape him in head to toe Burberry since the second season. "We knew that we wanted to cultivate a slimmer look by narrowing the lapels and the suit cuts," she says. "He's also been running often with Clare so he's gotten in shape and it was time to move on from the more boxy cuts of the suits from the earlier season." [Burberry Classic Fit Wool Suit; $1395;]


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The Crisp White Shirt
The dress shirts, also Burberry, are a nod to another infamous presidential icon. "Not everybody notices, but the collars start to get a little longer," Argan adds. "We wanted to do a little bit of homage to Bobby Kennedy. We also start to see him become more comfortable and more apt to wear one of his shirts without a tie." [Modern Fit Poplin; $295;]

The Telegenic Tie
If you want to follow fads, by all means buy a skinny tie, but if you want to command respect in the room it's all about girth. "When you see a news anchor dressed a certain way, it's because they’re conveying an image of knowledge, I use the same philosophy for my politicians." Argan has strict rules when it comes to tie width, buying from designers like Tom Ford and Brioni. "I don’t let anyone buy anything less than a 3¼ inch, we're looking for a look that expresses authority and I don't believe the skinny tie represents that." [Ralph Lauren Striped Silk Satin Tie; $215;]


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The Power Watch
The Commander-In-Chief needs a watch that fits the bill; luckily, since episode one, IWC has been there to ensure that Underwood has the proper wrist candy for every occasion. "We work with IWC exclusively for Kevin's watches," Argan states. "We have a case of them that are used. They're beautiful, elegant watches and work for that presidential watch." [IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph Automatic Watch; starting at $8,600;]

Now you have everything but your very own Clare Underwood. We can't help you with that unfortunately, but dress like this and you shouldn't have any problems.

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