How to Prepare for Twin Peaks

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The news that David Lynch and Mark Frost have signed up with Showtime to bring Twin Peaks back to life for a third season a quarter century after ABC canceled the show is arguably the biggest piece of pop culture news you’ll read this week. And whether you know who killed Laura Palmer or not, these are some of the things you should know about one of the most critically acclaimed and influential cult television shows ever. 

1. “I’m going to let you in on a little secret.”

Either people will watch the show for the first time, or they will re-watch it (along with Fire Walk With Me) to get ready for the 2016 release of the new season. Whatever the case, prepare for an uptick of people mimicking Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Dale Cooper’s famous, “Damn good coffee” line. But what kind of coffee cuts it now? Will it be the diner fare, or will it be David Lynch’s own signature blend? Could it be Intelligentsia or Stumptown? Would any of the citizens of Twin Peaks consider trying a pour-over instead of drip? What do you think he’d make of Bulletproof coffee

2. “It’s fifty-four degrees on a slightly overcast day. Weatherman said rain.”

A year before Nirvana made wearing flannel and being from Washington state cool, Lynch had his cast of weirdos from the Pacific Northwest pretty much draped in the stuff. Just look to the Tumblr “Flannel Walk With Me” to get a sense of how the citizens of Twin Peaks dressed for the normally terrible weather. If that gets you inspired to pick up a few new items as the cold weather approaches us in real life, Rag & Bone, L.L. Bean, and Patagonia are good places to look. 

3. “That gum you like is going to come back in style.”

From The Sopranos to Lost, there are plenty of shows we would have never seen if somebody at ABC didn’t decide to option Twin Peaks. And maybe the thing even people who have never seen the show might know about Lynch’s network television masterpiece, are the weird dreams Agent Dale Cooper has that take him to another world where he might or might not get all of his clues from. Did you know you can dress like those sequences thanks to a Japanese clothing company? That’s how obsessed people are with the show. 

4. “My log saw something that night.”

Maybe you already look like you could work at the Packard Sawmill or you should be carrying a piece of timber around, but if not, a wool shirt from Freemans Sporting Club or a packer coat from Filson should do the trick. 

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