How to Win Over Kristen Bell

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Kristen Bell has come full circle. After becoming the women America thinks about while out to dinner with its sweetheart thanks to major roles in Heroes, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and House of Lies, the actress is returning to the role that made her famous: Veronica Mars. The Kickstarter-funded reboot of the cult teenage detective drama, which The CW canceled in 2007, debuts this weekend.

We talked to Kristen Bell in 2008, just months after the cancelation of Veronica Mars, asking her for tips on how to have a chance with a leading lady:

1. You can win me over with witty text messages. It’s the modern flirtatious glance, where a casual friend can elevate into the realm of concise comedic brilliance. If you’re not a text warrior, I’m sorry, but I don’t think this relationship will work out.*

2. You can win me over by making me some delicious food, planning an amazing adventure that certainly involves dangers, and appreciating how wonderful life can be. Negative nancies should be put down.*

3. You can win me over by being a selfless comedian. If you care about being the funny guy and the center of attention, I’ll be out of there…. But if you love laughter and love to make people smile, then I’ll love hanging out with you.

4. You can win me over by wearing hemp chokers, popping your collar, spiking your hair, wearing aviators, ripped cargo shorts, orange tanning-bed skin, and sipping Patron…. Oh wait, I though you wasked how to annoy me. What was the question again?*

*Bell is happily married to actor Dax Shepherd. 

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