Fight Off Pesky Ingrown Hairs With This Skin Treatment


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As annoying as pimples and blemishes are, they’re still less annoying than ingrown hair. Ingrowns appear when a hair grows back into the skin, and they’re especially common in anyone with coarse or curly hair. They usually happen after shaving, and can become painful, red and inflamed. In short, they’re not great news.

Ingrown hairs can’t be treated the same way as pimples: While pimples are the byproduct of dirt and oil trapped deep underneath the skin, ingrowns are just hair trapped underneath the surface of our skin and are treated as foreign objects. Resist the urge to use tweezers or just squeeze it out: Instead, try a treatment designed specifically to deal with ingrowns. We recommend the Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment.

The treatment contains a potent blend alpha-hydroxy acids which will dissolve those dead skin cells that keep the hair from growing out. With those skin cells gone, the hairs will be revealed and they can be removed with ease during a shave.

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment

Not only is the Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment able to release the ingrown hair from its oily abyss, but it can also help to prevent the hairs from becoming ingrown again.  A powerhouse blend of acids (Glycolic, salicylic, and phytic acids to be exact) ensure the skin will feel much smoother. The hair follicles will be cleared of any blockage. Pores will become cleaned out and the bacteria that causes irritation and infections will be gone. Willowherb and lavender oils calm and soothe the skin. Ingrowns don’t stand a chance.

Nobody wants to deal with ingrown facial hair. They’re a pain, and trying to shave or pick at them only creates a bigger problem (and runs the risk of scarring). Add the Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment to your shaving routine either in the morning or at night. Trust us: Your skin will be much, much happier.

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