Ask Men’s Fitness: Is the Sport Jacket with Jeans Look Out of Fashion?

Ask mf sport coat and jeans

Is the sport-jacket-and-jeans look out of fashion?

It’s always on its way in and out of fashion. “It came and went and is now back again,” says Mary Lou Andre, who runs a wardrobe and fashion consulting firm in Massachusetts. “The key to the look this time around is to be sure each component is casual and connected to the other.” Right now, opt for a blazer that’s rugged and textured, as opposed to the smooth fabric of a naval blazer or suit jacket, which was more popular in the early aughts. “Go with boots or shoes with a bit of an edge and shirts and sweaters that are less conservative than what you might pair with suiting,” she says. Also, be sure your jeans have a nice, formal cut and mimic pants.

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