J. Crew Discovered: Curated Pieces With a Story


If you’re like most people, your typical shopping experience goes something like this: You see something you like, you buy it, and then you wear it, without giving much thought to where the piece of clothing came from. It’s not that you don’t care, it just never really occurred to you to look. Where would you find that information anyway?

Well, J. Crew wants to change all of that. The retailer recently launched a new shop called Discovered, which features a small variety of curated items that are more than just fashionable–they each have a cool story behind them. Every month, a new mix of products designed by J. Crew as well as third parties will be released and showcased in J. Crew’s catalog and online. Clicking the link for a coat, for example, will lead you to a page where you’ll learn a bit about where and why this piece was made, and why J. Crew has chosen to single it out. Sometimes extras, like expert Q&As or a breakdown of an item’s design process, are included.

Here are our favorites for October:

  • A Fair Isle sweater that tells the story of exactly why it’s called a “Fair Isle sweater” (the piece was named after the Scottish island) and how the pattern got to be so popular.
  • Statement CHUP socks made in Japan. The company only makes 20 to 25 pairs a day, not to mention that patterned socks are definitely a big trend right now.
  • Canton jeans, a pair of untreated, dark wash, denim pants that were made on a vintage loom. They’re kind of pricey, but considering how much work went into making them, there’s no doubt these pants will last you for years to come.