Jared Leto Comes Clean

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Jared Leto has decided to dive into his role as the Joker for a film about DC Comics supervillains by cutting off his famed hair, a move that set social media on fire.

Leto’s Instagram fanbase was shocked to see his infamous ponytail dangling dangerously close to a pair of shears after Suicide Squad director David Ayer posted a picture of the shocking event.

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Hoping it was some sick prank, fans of Leto’s locks fears were realized when Ayer uploaded a picture of a hardly recognizable, cleanly shaven Leto shortly after the teaser post was released.

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Will this have a ripple effect? Will men all over the nation start chopping off their hair and shaving their thick beards to follow suit? If you want to hop on the trend, check out our grooming advice to be sure you get the right look.

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