Jason Statham’s Fashion Fixes


In the February 2013 issue of Men’s Fitness, we cleared up a few rumors about Parker star Jason Statham. One tale that happens to be true: he knows what it takes to look good. Like every great action hero (or antihero, in this case), Jason Statham has a uniform of choice. Here’s some stuff the box-office badass likes to sport off-screen.

A Custom-Made Shirt
“A bespoke shirt is one of the true luxuries that you can acquire,” he says. “There’s nothing better than a fitted shirt. Once you’ve picked up your first one, you’ll never stop buying them—providing you can pay for it.” He’s a fan of the fact that you won’t see another man walking down the street wearing the exact same item. “
They’re not exactly easy to steal, those things, are they?” adds Statham. “After all, they’re bespoke!”

A Nice Watch
Statham never been one for wearing jewelry. “I like a few vintage Rolexes and Panerais are good,” he says “I’m not into sports watches – I like chronometers. Patek Philippe is probably one of the finest brands [of watches] and I’m fortunate enough to have one of those, but sports watches are more of an everyday thing.

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A Tailored Suit
There are a plenty of talented tailors out there—and you should avail yourself of one. “Suits change a lot – the wide lapel thing, the fashion trends, the trousers change. But again, a fitted suit is just the ultimate,” says Statham. “I love getting dressed up in a suit because I don’t do it all the time.”

Vintage Cars
Statham thinks of a vehicle as the ultimate accessory. “I’ve always had sort of a passion for vintage cars. I never owned one, but I’ve always been an admirer from afar,” he says. “Obviously, being a Brit, I’ve got to go with the DB5 Aston Martin. That would obviously be my car of choice, given the chance to own something absolutely pristine from the vintage era.”

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