Jason Sudeikis’s Jordans: How Not to Wear Sneakers With a Tux

Jason Sudeikis shows off his Jordan Concord Live XIs at the Golden Globes, somehow distracts world from Olivia Wilde.
Jason Sudeikis shows off his Jordan Concord Live XIs at the Golden Globes, somehow distracts world from Olivia Wilde.George Pimentel / Getty Images

The Golden Globe Awards is a pretty formal event; tuxedos, bow ties, and shined lace ups are par the course. Actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis made a risky move Sunday night when he showed up at the event wearing a pair of Jordan Concorde Live 11s, to finish off his classic peak lapel tux.

This wasn't the first time he pulled this stunt (he had more success at the 2013 Met Ball), but we can't say he pulled it off. He's definitely due applause for the hutzpah to show off his sneakerhead tendencies, but there's a basic suiting rule the star should have kept in mind before heading out: fit.

Of Sudeikis's over 200 pairs of Air Jordans, the Concord Live XIs were an interesting choice. Designed in 1996, the patent leather sneaker was actually made to transition from the street to more formal occasions. The simple black and white colorway lends itself to this, as do the materials. But we've come a little ways in the past two decades.


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A good fit rule of thumb when you're wearing a suit is minimal or no break in the pant leg when standing. To say Sudeikis (or his stylist) forgot this is an understatement. A quick glance at his chosen outfit for the night shows the trousers of his tux pool and sag all the way down the leg. The result looks slouchy and a little unkempt. While the fit might have worked with a sleek oxford, the added bulk of the Jordans changes how the pants fall.

If you plan on trying out a similar look, consider going with a sleeker shoe style first and foremost. Burberry makes a smooth camo option that might pair well with slim trousers, or try a pair of New Balance for J. Crew in white. Rocking a navy suit? Don't be afraid to style in a pair of Onitsuka Tiger duds of perforated suede.

Whatever you choose, make sure to do your last fitting wearing the sneakers you plan on wearing. This way the pant length can be tailored to however high your shoes are.

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