The Jetsetter’s Guide to Packing Right

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Properly storing your personal effects in a bag is pretty much an art. So it’s safe to say Mirela Dragoi, director of housekeeping at Mondrian SoHo Hotel in New York City, is an artist. Here are her expert tips for getting the most out of (or rather, into) your suitcase.

1. Plan according to your itinerary. Ask yourself what you’ll be wearing for each activity. Pick versatile items that you can wear multiple times.

2. Pack flat. Go for two-dimensional folding and avoid squares and balls, which take up more room. Keeping your items flat will also avoid unsightly wrinkles.

3. Place layers of tissue paper, which reduces friction on fabrics, in between your clothing and in the sleeves of your shirts and jackets.

4. Start with pants on the bottom, then shirts and light sweaters on top. Keep shoes on the perimeter to keep them from your clothes.

5. Always put shoes in a ziplock bag. It protects them, keeps odor from spreading, and prevents the transfer of dirt and grime to your clothes.

6. Don’t waste space stuffing in too many toiletries. In most cases you can get all of the basics at your hotel or from a nearby pharmacy.

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