Jimmy Kimmel Trolls New York Fashion Week Lurkers

Jimmy Kimmel debuted another edition of his "Lie Witness News" segments Thursday night, once again preying on the vapid decked-out wannabes of New York Fashion Week. This time, the chosen experts offered their reviews of the latest non-existent trends from rising stars like Chandler Bing, Teddy Ruxpin, and Bartles and Jaymes (a "refreshing" brand with great taste) because a lurker's need to be loved, understood, and accepted for who they pretend to be outweighs their fear of admitting they might not know something on camera.

Mj 390_294_best looks from ny fashion week that you might actually wear

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To be fair, the interviewees were led to the rabbit hole by vague questions, but they dove right in, explaining how Betsy Ross's Stars and Stripes collection "plays with the colors and textures" of the season, because it's all about lines and squares and triangles now. And maybe he's not totally wrong. We have no idea. But this video is just another reason we're okay with being "boring and common" some days. It beats standing out for all the wrong reasons. 

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