Joe Biden Proves the Short-Sleeve Button-Down is Timeless


Proving once again that styles have a way of circling back around, Vice President Joe Biden showed off an old picture of himself donning a short sleeve button-down on Twitter for Throw Back Thursday, explaining in the caption that while this particular trend is making a comeback, “health care has always been in style.” 

Apparently so has Joe Biden, who looked a little more than dapper back in his heyday. But a White House reporter who regularly covers the Vice President, and who describes Biden’s dress as “preppy with a touch of martial flair,” tells us that the VP has unfortunately left the short-sleeve button-downs to the Brooklyn hipsters.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear so much red as Vice President,” he says. “And also the hair. My God, that hair.”

Indeed. Biden instead now spends his downtime in polos and slacks, a brown bomber jacket with his name and title embroidered across the back, and a pair of Ray-Ban aviators as famous as he is. Personally, we’d prefer he try the short-sleeve button-down once more. Possibly this one. Or this one. Or maybe this one. Your move, Veep.

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