June’s Style Game Changer: Colton Haynes From San Andreas

June’s Style Game Changer: Colton Haynes From San Andreas

The Guy

He’s come a long way since leaving his family’s farm in Kansas as a teen. Modeling gigs with Abercrombie & Fitch, among others, led to roles on TV shows like MTV’s Teen Wolf and then Arrow, in which Haynes plays a superhero sidekick. His big break came when he got to play opposite Dwayne Johnson in this summer’s earthquake disaster flick, San Andreas. As Joby, a rookie member of an elite helicopter rescue crew, Haynes found himself rappelling from and hanging out of helicopters for much of the filming. “They had a whole team that taught us how to rappel, and we did rock climbing as well. I threw up twice,” Haynes admits.

For Haynes art is imitating life, in many ways. “I originally wanted to be a meteorologist,” he says. “I grew up on my uncle’s farm, and there were these amazing storms. My brother and I were those crazy people chasing tornadoes. It’s a fascination with the unknown—something greater that has so much power that we have no control over.”

The Clothes

Few items in a man’s closet are as versatile as the humble polo. It takes a suit from stuffy to cool and casual; wear one with jeans and you still fit in at a trendy restaurant. Perry Ellis has re-imagined a classic 3-D mesh fabric that is breathable, stretchy, and even a little water resistant. “It’s a combination of traditional knitwear with future-forward fabrics,” says Perry Ellis creative director Michael Maccari. The styling is reminiscent of Rat Pack–era Palm Springs—white with bold trim and a slim fit. “Some men may be intimidated by the fit,” says Maccari. “It’s made for a confident, forward-thinking man.”

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