Keep Facebooking After You Die

Keep Facebooking After You Die

There are two certainties in life—death and taxes. Although nowadays, everyone and their best friend’s grandmother’s former roommate having a Facebook account is quickly becoming a universal truth as well. So, in the event of your untimely demise, there’s no better way to get any last words, or last potshots, out to all your loved (and hated) ones than via your Facebook account.

Now you can! A new app, appropriately named “If I Die,” allows you to record messages that will go out to your buddies in case you buy the farm before you’re ready.

It’s simple. You record a final message and write as many personal messages to friends (and arch nemeses) as you want. Then, once you kick the bucket, your video will get posted on your wall and your messages will get sent out. You even have the option of writing several messages and scheduling them to get sent in intervals.

But how will it know that you’ve started pushing up daisies? That’s where you need to choose three of your closest and most trusted friends/family members to be your “trustees.” They’ll be faced with the grim task of verifying that you have indeed bitten the big one, and then your zombie messages will begin.

All joking aside, If I Die’s co-creator Eran Alfonta created the app as a favor to his friends when they had a near-death encounter in Italy. They asked him to create something that would let them record a secret message to their children in case something happened to them, and If I Die was born.

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