Keep The Fall Breeze At Bay With This Blanket Shirt On Sale At Outerknown

blanket shirt

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The number on the thermometer is dropping. The wind is rising and it is getting a little bit more uncomfortable outside. Having to go outside for whatever reason can be no fun without the right outfit. Those summer looks are just not going to cut it. Not enough coverage to keep the body warm.

Now that Autumn is here and the cold is rising, it is time to really bundle up for protection. Layers are going to be the best bet for men going outside. It isn’t too cold just yet, though. So there is no need to wear five layers of clothing. Maybe just two layers on top will do the job just right.

Layering up is important but it is also important to look good too. There is no reason for these clothes to be drab and unappealing looking. Every guy wants to look their best when going outside, even if every situation doesn’t call for a suit.

Going to the right outlet will help greatly in finding the right attire that will work wonders for this brisk season. There’s going to be sales aplenty in these stores and sites as well. An outlet like Outerknown is one of the better outlets to find great looking outerwear. Because right now, Outerknown has a sale on the amazing selection of Blanket Shirts with the coupon code BLANKETS30.

Blanket Shirt

The Blanket Shirt is a great shirt because it is a multifaceted piece of clothing. Right off the bat, this shirt is really just a great looking shirt. Throw it on atop of a lighter shirt to make an attractive combo. Outerknown has 24 different color options for the Blanket Shirt so the sky is the limit for aesthetic choices.

Visually, the Blanket Shirt is a great choice. But it is also a comfortable shirt that will help keep whoever is wearing it insulated. Outerknown has made its name by crafting high-quality items made to be worn out and keep the wearer comfortable, and this is no different. It’s sturdy but also soft and breathable. This is achieved because of the materials used to craft it, which is 100 percent Organic Cotton Heavyweight Twill. So it is a great fit for any night or morning with a little chill in the air.

An item like the Blanket Shirt is a perfect piece of clothing for any man to have in their closet. At least one, if not more. It looks great and can be worn out in many different scenarios. It can stand up to the elements to keep men comfortable while wearing it on a brisk day. There’s no reason not to have it. And with the coupon code BLANKETS30, it will become even more affordable than it usually is on Outerknown.

So while supplies last, because they are going fast, grab at least one of these while it is still possible.

Get It: Pick up the Blanket Shirt ($104 with coupon code BLANKETS30; was $148) at Outerknown.

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