Keep Your Upper Body Supported With This Shoulder Support Shirt From Tommie Copper

Tommie Copper
Tommie Copper

If you sit all day at your office and deal with upper body pain, or are someone who with recurring problems, you likely will try anything to fix it. Whether it’s exercise, gear, or medical treatments, there are many ways to try and fix things up. But one thing you may not have tried yet could be key for keeping your posture right for the long term.

Keep Your Posture Healthy With This Shoulder Support Shirt From Tommie Copper

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The new apparel innovation from Tommie Copper, the Shoulder Support Shirt, which you can get at, is made specifically to support your upper body and shoulders. The design is engineered with Tommie Copper’s proprietary 4D heavyweight stretch fabric with power mesh, helping you to relieve aches and pains and assist with recovery by simply wearing a shirt.

The shirt is made to retract shoulder blades to give you upper back and shoulder pain relief, plus it also has targeted compression for the muscles along your spine, as well as ergonomic seams for extra support. Like other Tommie Copper sleeves and apparel, the shirt is infused with patented Copper Znergy® technology, giving you moisture wicking capabilities, and anti-odor benefits that don’t wash out.

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Tommie Copper
Tommie Copper

The design of the shirt helps target support issues and can be used as a workout shirt, an undershirt for your work outfit, or just for added support anytime you need it. The bottom of the shirt has a silicone grip that keeps it in place so that it is consistently giving you support.

Find out more about the shirt at Tommie Copper.

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