Kevin Hart and David Beckham Are Starring in H&M’s New Ad Campaign, and It’s Hysterical


What happens when you pair a famous sports star / sex symbol (David Beckham) with an equally famous entertainment and comedy powerhouse  (Kevin Hart)? You get the funniest damn combo to hit pop culture in a while—and that’s why you’re gonna want to check out H&M’s new ad campaign.

The duo started “working together” in 2015, when a cheery Hart “interrupted” Beckham’s photoshoots for H&M’s “modern essentials” campaign and started mirroring Beckham’s every move as part of “research” to play Beckham in I, Beckham, a (totally fictional) feature film. Here’s the 2015 campaign video:

Now, the duo are at it again, as Hart “prepares” for I, Beckham: The Musical. 

“I loved shooting the first campaign with Kevin for H&M so much that we just had to do a sequel,” Beckham deadpans in the new video. “This time we’ve pushed the story even further.”

Hart, very much in step with his model star, was equally excited: “It’s great to have the opportunity once more to show the world what everyone really knows: That I am the true inspiration for David Beckham’s style. He copies everything from me.” Check out the new campaign:

The full commercial will debut on on Monday, September 26th, when the brand launches its autumn/winter “2016 Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham” collection. The clothes will be available in every H&M store that carries menswear, as well as online, beginning September 29. And West Coasters can get a jump on the looks on the 26th, when H&M launches a pop-up shop in Los Angeles where the first 150 people in line can meet Beckham himself. (Anyone behind that number has to win a “golden ticket” to steal a second with Beckham.) And if you’re nowhere near LA, H&M has a social media contest where you can submit a photo inspired by Beckham’s style, using the hashtag #SelectedbyBeckham, where two lucky winners will get flown to the event.

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