Levi Has The Perfect Denim Jacket For The Fall Season

Sherpa Jacket

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Fall might be the best season of the year. It’s not too cold and it’s not too hot. There are days that are just the most comfortable days in a given year. Days like those allow guys to have a wide variety of options of outfits to wear out in the world. It’s a little more freeing than the summer or the winter. Those two seasons can be overwhelming in different directions.

The goal in winter is to bundle up to stay warm and the summer is going to be not getting too covered up so the heat doesn’t become overbearing. Spring can have days that are a little too warm but not too crazy. But the Fall is just a perfect middle ground. Nothing will be too out of place in this season.

Now that the fall is fully and completely here, it is time to break out some new items. Take the wardrobe and branch out into newer looks. Jackets are now going to be in demand. Jackets are just way too much in the summer unless it’s a suit jacket and even then that jacket will be coming off as soon as possible. A nice fall jacket will stay on all day outside the house.

Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Sales are wide-ranging these days. In this leadup to the holidays and the end of the year, every outlet is going to have a sale. And Levi’s is no different. Levi’s makes some of the best denim in the world. Just hearing the name will cause people to think of a great pair of jeans. But jeans aren’t the only clothing item that can use denim, as the Sherpa Trucker Jacket can rightfully attest.

The Sherpa Trucker Jacket is an amazing looking jacket. Quite frankly, it is dope as all get out. Denim jackets are the definition of casual. It’s an item that probably won’t be worn to a high society event. But even in the world of casual attire, it will stand out. And if the jacket is as great looking as this, it will really cause every to look at it with a little bit of jealousy in the eyes.

Clearly, the Sherpa Trucker Jacket is a denim jacket. That exterior is made with primo Levi denim. It’s a good look with that grey smog color scheme. The interior is made of cotton. Lined to the brim with cotton to make it one of the most comfortable items in any man’s closet. Not only that, but it will help those brisk fall nights no problem at all. The insulation is pretty great with this thing.

Anyone that want’s to add a new coat to the closet and make fall looks a little more fashionable, the Sherpa Trucker Jacket has to be at the top of the list. Getting anything from Levi’s is a guarantee of quality, and this jacket is no different. Denim jackets can do a lot with a little. Form and function is in perfect tandem here. And with the sale going on at Levi’s, this jacket is more affordable than usual. So while supplies are still in stock, get one now and rock out in style while jacket weather is still here.

Get It: Pick up the Sherpa Trucker Jacket ($100; $128) at Levi’s.

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