Levi’s Vintage Clothing Is Reviving Albert Einstein’s Favorite Leather Jacket

At left, Albert Einstein at the University of New Hampshire wearing his Levi's leather jacket; at right, the Levi's Vintage Clothing version of the Einstein jacket.
University of New Hampshire/Gado/Getty Images; Travis Rathbone

How smart was Albert Einstein? One of the first things he purchased after coming to the United States in 1933 was an unlined brown leather jacket by Levi’s. A colleague at Princeton University once wrote that it “solved [his] coat problem for years.” Einstein wore it so often while enjoying a pipe of tobacco that when Christie’s auction house sold it in July 2016, curators noted that it still smelled like smoke. Levi’s Vintage Clothing bought the jacket, and its designers will release a limited edition of 500 replicas on February 22. Each one comes with a bottle of fragrance by D.S. & Durga that blends the smells of pipe tobacco, papyrus manuscript, and vintage leather. Will wearing it make you think like a genius? That’s relative.

[$1,200; levi.com]

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