Look Younger By Tomorrow – Yes, Really

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That’s usually the kind of promise that pops up and we keep right on scrolling. But when we’re talking about Lab Series Skincare for Men, we’re a little less skeptical because the brand’s been in business for 30 years and devotes its entire R&D to high-tech, high-performance products that focus specifically on men’s unique skincare needs. (Like the fact men’s skin is up to 40 percent thicker than women’s, has more oil-producing glands, and larger pores.) Nothing against borrowing your GF’s stuff. Just know it probably won’t work on your skin as well as it does on hers.

So back to the better-by-morning claim: Lab Series’ Night Recovery Lotion ($44 at Spring) throws it out there because, well, you apply the lotion at night, then hit the sack. The anti-aging treatment goes to work on your wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, dry patches, and generally tired skin while you sleep. Which means when you roll out of bed 8 hours later (or 5 or 6 …) the products powerful antioxidants and vitamins have done their thing, hydrating and repairing damaged skin cells. Our highly unscientific one-man test concludes that your skin will indeed look visibly better after a single use. Not like you used to look 50 and now you look 20, but you can expect that your skin will look smoother and firmer after your first overnight with this stuff. Give it a week and your officemates might even drop snide remarks about “having work done.”

The company takes their cutting-edge science reputation seriously: This formula includes a proprietary bio-conversion technology which basically helps the ingredients interact optimally with your skin, making the product more effective. (One of the biggest challenges with skincare isn’t making quality products, it’s getting the skin to properly absorb them.) Used regularly, Lab Series says their own studies found the Night Recovery Lotion significantly improved skin tone in most men; one in three men also found it improved texture (in other words, not everyone’s wrinkles will magically disappear).

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