Lotion on a Stick: A Better Way to Moisturize


Sunburn season is practically upon us. And with it comes peeling, dry, itchy skin that can transform a perfect day into agony. Thankfully, Kosmatology’s lotion bars ($11 at Amazon) can help.

Pharmacist Janis Kosma-Covey created Kosmatology’s line of natural products when a pediatrician prescribed a powerful corticosteroid cream for her three-month-old daughter’s eczema. Paraben- and petroleum-free, Kosmatology’s lotion bar gets its edge thanks to its lack of alcohol, a common preservative in moisturizers that actually dries out your skin and can exacerbate issues. Since the solid bar is free of water — which needs preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing — harsh chemicals don’t need to be added.

Spruce’d Up, a light, pine/cedarwood musk, gets our vote. But the Herbal Fresh, made with spearmint and rosemary oil, is a handsome fragrance as well. There’s also an unscented version.

While we can’t vouch for the lotion stick’s eczema-curing abilities, we can say it has soothed pain from a scalding burn, remedied dry skin patches from air travel, and even pinch-hit as a deodorant. Lotion bars don’t spill or leak, obviously, so you can feel comfortable stashing a spare in your gym bag.

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