Man Buns Are Making Guys Go Bald


Like Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s hair, “man buns” are the subject of fierce disagreement these days. Some guys swear by them, while others wanna run around hipster villages with a pair of Fiskars, lopping off topknots in a gleeful rage.

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But now the much-maligned hairstyle has a serious strike against it. It turns out man buns create so much tension on the scalp that they rip up hair follicles, leading to seriously ugly bald spots that pretty much destroy a guy’s hair (and, by extension, his ego).

The hair-ripping-up phenomenon, known as traction alopecia, can cause receding hairlines, permanent hair loss, and acute baldness around your forehead and temples. Follicles under extreme tension can even get infected, leading to some nasty skin problems.

Traction alopecia is “really, really common,” dermatologist Sabra Sullivan tells Mic News. “I see it probably once or twice a week.”

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It’s not limited to man buns, of course. Women who wear their hair in tight ponytails, pigtails, or weaves have long struggled with spot hair loss and even debilitating migraines from traction alopecia.

So if you want to chop off man buns when you see them, we’re here to say your hatred is totally justified for health reasons. And if you’re currently wearing one, maybe consider one of these 10 manly hairstyles instead.

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