Is Manscaping the Way to Go?


My girlfriend says she want me to “manscape.” What should I do?
Mitch R., Boulder, CO.

This is new to me, so I told my nephew to look it up on the Internet. He said he “googled it.” I don’t know—in my day, every guy on the block wanted to be like Sean Connery: burly, bold, and covered in chest hair. a man’s body hair used to be a badge of honor that stood for adulthood—now I see these young fellas trying to reverse puberty. but I can under- stand wanting to be clean and neat, and if that’s what the girl really wants, have at it! First thing you’ve got to do is trim down your chest and stomach with a set of clippers, going against the grain and then snip- ping any remaining long hairs. you probably don’t want to use a razor for this because it’ll leave your chest cut and irritated—your lady won’t like that. but if I were you, I’d probably pay more attention to my eyebrows, nose hair, and those stray hairs that curl up around your shirt collar. those are things people you meet will notice more than the hair that’s covered up by your clothing. Just don’t overdo it. being hairy is part of what makes you a man.

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