Meet Harry: Your Facial Hair’s New Best Friend

Meet Harry: Your Facial Hair’s New Best Friend

Not long ago, samples of Harry’s razors arrived at the Men’s Fitness offices in Manhattan. Each of the three officemates who tried Harry’s and were amazed by the quality of their shave and the functionality of the sleek, but minimal blades. So much in fact, that all three MF testers took to to order replacement blades for their new handles. How’s that for making the cut?

Harry’s razors are made via a partnership between vintage-inspired prescription eyewear company Warby Parker and a 90-year-old German blade manufacturer.  With good craftsmanship comes a good shave. Harry’s flexible razor heads provide a nice pivot, the blades are sharp, but not too sharp and the lubricant strip – made with aloe, coca butter, Vitamin E and Shea butter – is subtle and doesn’t become messy once it gets wet.

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Even Lenny The Barber – our trusted grooming advisor featured monthly in the Ask Men’s Fitness section of the magazine – likes the way Harry’s feels.

“What I like about it is that the longer handle allows you to manipulate the razor more,” Lenny says. “The smaller handles get kind of crowded in your hand, this razor handle gives you plenty of room to work with.”

We could go on about how perfect the design of Harry’s razors is for those looking to cut the scruff in these Mad Men-obsessed times, but we won’t. Instead, we’ll mention that although you can only buy Harry’s razors at, the tradeoff is a razor of great quality and exceptional value.

So go ahead, introduce yourself to Harry.