Meet the New Face for an Old-School Beard Oil Brand

Captain Fawcett

The world of beard models is small and homogenous — and as a result, incredibly boring. But Captain Fawcett, a British grooming brand, just collaborated on a hydrating hair oil with the only interesting beard model out there: Harnaam Kaur, a 26-year-old British woman whose beard puts most to shame.

STOP PRESS: I am delighted to have collaborated with the esteemed @harnaamkaur, The Bearded Dame in concocting this delectable and rejuvenating Hair Elixir. ????? A golden and rarefied blend of four nourishing and smoothing base oils, Sweet Almond, Tomato Seed, #Argan and Broccoli Seed. Your hair is assured of intense nourishment whilst aiding cuticle repair. This simply spiffing hair tonic contains a rather spectacular blend of aromatic essential oils: West Indian Bay Pimenta Racemosa, Black Pepper Piper Nigrum, Labdanum Cistus Ladaniferus, Cedarwood Cedrus Atlantica, Cinnamon Leaf Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Vanilla Vanilla Planifolia and Lime Citrus Aurantifolia. This incredible oil is ideal for use on both head and for those fortunate enough to be hirsute of chin… your beard hair. The Bearded Dame Hair Elixir: £28.00. All hail the hirsute. ? @iaincrockart #hairelixir #elixir #hairoil #hairserum #harnaamkaur #thebeardeddame #captainfawcett #hair #haircare #essentialoils #scent #scented #parfum #hairdresser #hairsalon #barber #barbershop #signatureseries #hairtonic #shinyhair #glossyhair #smoothhair #hairstyling #hairstyle #beardoil #beauty #beautytips #cosmetics

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“The bearded world can be dominated by men,” Kaur says. “I stand as a bearded lady breaking barriers and standards about what male and female traits are. This oil is universal.”

Now a Guinness World Record holder for youngest woman with a full beard, Kaur started going all-in on her facial hair a decade ago, a couple years after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, a symptom of which causes thick facial hair. Since then, she’s become a model, activist, and hero of the hirsute everywhere.

“I love the whole brand and how not only does it cater to men but also women,” Kaur says. “Most women used the Captain Fawcett beard oil in their hair and it worked wonders. The team and I put our heads together and came to the decision that it was only fitting to now produce a hair elixir.”

The oil, which Kaur uses on her heard, beard, and even face before putting on makeup, is mostly made of sweet almond, tomato seed, argan, and broccoli seed oils, with a cocktail of essential oils for scent. With all of those moisturizers and a mix of ingredients that doesn’t match the same old trite woodsy smells in most men’s grooming products, this is something we’d gladly slather on our hair — whether our beards can stand up to Kaur’s or not.

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