The ‘Men’s Fitness’ Summer Hairstyle Experiment

Change really is a great thing. It’s good for your workouts, your diet, and your attitude. Without change we plateau, get bored, uninspired, and creatively paralyzed.

Instead of just pounding the weights day in and day out, work in some calisthenics, too. Pass on that plain grilled salmon or tuna, and give the ceviche or poke a try. Rather than going with “the usual” at the barbershop, transition into summer with something experimental—because now is the perfect time to do it.

We linked up with barber and stylist Quincy Gholar (@qgholar) from Frank’s Chop Shop (@frankschopshop) in Manhattan’s Lower East Side to cut up some of his common looks. Frank’s has earned a reputation for attracting the A-list celebrity crowd over the years—including the likes of Drake, Rick Ross, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adrien Brody, and more.

This is one head, four cuts, and seven styles.

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Cut one, style one: The Wall Street

A strong go-to if you have a series of elevated events lined up. “The look is sophisticated, clean, and polished,” Gholar says. You’ll be sure to catch some attention at black-tie engagements, galas, and weddings. However, the style isn’t for everybody. “The Wall Street doesn’t particularly work well for men with rounder face structures,” he advises.

Cut one, style two: The Free Spirit

If you want to go for that “greaser” type of appearance without loads of product, Gholar recommends this look. And it provides a lot of versatility. “The style works for a fancy party or a casual stroll down the street,” he says.

Cut two, style one: The Classic Man

You’ll see this cut on anyone from a tyke at day camp to old dudes playing chess in the park. “Any type of gentleman can pull this off,” Gholar says. “It has no boundaries.” If you want a look that will never, ever go out of style—this is it.

Cut two, style two: The Pomp

According to Gholar, this look is common among musicians, managers of rock bands, mechanics or motorheads, and vintage collectors. “It’s a great idea for rock shows, dive bars, and underground venues,” he says.

Cut two, style three: The Suave

Gholar likes this look for the man that carries a natural confidence—“a debonair type,” he says. “It’s something for the art museums, clubs, day parties, or anywhere the ladies are.”

Cut three, style one: The Modern Crop

Gholar notes this as an emerging trend among the next generation of late-teens to 20-somethings. “It’s popular at fashion shows, art galleries, pop-up stores, and listening parties,” he says. He notes that it works best for men with a slender build.

Cut four, style one: The Reset

“You could be nicely suited for a black-tie event or simply lounging in the park with the Mrs.—as long as the cut is fresh and crisp,” Gholar says of this style. Other advantages: Takes barely any time to wash, requires little or no product, works for anyone, and feels cool and refreshing in the summer.