MePower Review


I am always up for a challenge. So, recently I tried the newest in laser hair reduction at Dermatologist Dr. Tina West’s office. It was OK; not so bad (you can read about my experience here). Having a professional zap off my hair was a little uncomfortable, but they were there to sooth the pain. So, when someone said they bet I couldn’t do it on my own, I immediately looked for the best way to do just that. 

Enter: the ME smooth. Using technology developed by the same scientists who invented the Intense Pulse Light for Dermatologists, this patented technology is combined with Radio Frequency energy that targets and disables hair follicles using heat. It’s that Radio Frequency technology that is the crazy part. It allows the laser to essentially be “color-blind” and therefore it’s not limited to the pale skin/dark hair combo (which typcially responds best to hair removal like this). If you’re super tan with blonde hair, like a lot of guys are in the summer, and you want to be able to forget about that bothersome back hair, this little device is pretty remarkable. 

The biggest deal with this guy, which sets it apart from most other devices, is that it has FDA-clearance. Based on clinical results, the ME smooth acheived up to 96 percent hair reduction in just 7 weekly treatments. That allows guys with neck hair or bushy back hair an opportunity to take care of the problem without having to go somewhere and pay for it. 

Found in Bed Bath and Beyond and Costo, the ME smooth is priced pretty competitively at under $400.

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