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The New Line of Flannel Shirts We Can’t Stop Wearing


When winter’s worst winds roll in, there’s nothing quite like a flannel shirt to beat the chill. And because they understand what men need from their shirts just as well as anyone else in the space, the masterminds at Mizzen + Main are rolling out their first selection made from the soft, warm stuff today.

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Of course, those familiar with the Texas brand, founded in 2012, will know that all of their shirts are made from performance materials that look like traditional cotton, but work much harder. These flannels, which are cut from a breathable, four-way-stretch polyester that wicks away sweat, are just as soft as anything you’d pick up at a department store, and keep you just as warm. We tested them last week here in New York City (where it’s finally gotten chilly enough to layer) and they felt as good as the classic flannels that are already hanging in our closets.

Mizzen + Main is offering the new shirts in four check patterns that toe the line between modern and traditional, meaning they’ll be easy to work into your current wardrobe. Take a closer look at them all below.