Moscot Goes Heavy Metal


Moscot is a New York brand with an artistic, highbrow Upper West Side sensibility. The eyeglasses makers, popular with dressed-down celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Ryan Adams, have always made thick plastic frames and sold them under old-world family names, for instance Miltzen and Lemtosh. There was nothing wrong with that business model and absolutely nothing wrong with the glasses, but the company’s new Titanium line is still a welcome addition to the collection. The durable, lightweight metal frames handle the weather a bit better – they don’t slip down the nose or off the ears – and the new navy/beige colorway is extremely complimentary. The glasses, which are available in optical but better suited to dark lenses, are great for men with longer faces and anyone looking for glasses that don’t look silly under a ski cap. The Titaniums give men the opportunity to look the New York part while being active in the backcountry – or Central Park. [$390;]