Nanoweight, Your New Favorite Summer Fabric, Has Arrived

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When you think cashmere, your mind probably pictures plush winter clothes — soft scarves, sultry sweaters, et cetera. But that’s about to change. Guys, meet your new favorite summer fabric.

Naadam produces Nanoweight, a blend of cashmere and cotton that’s both lighter and softer than cotton alone, making it great for summer t-shirts and polos. It also has a bit of natural stretch, thanks to the cashmere. And, like jeans, the fabric gets softer the more you wear and wash it. Naadam has a nice range of Nanoweight t-shirts and polos, but our particular favorites are the Clipper Polo in Desert Rose (top, $85 at Spring) that pretty much embodies summer weekends with its classic polo style, clean-finish placket, and cool pink tone, and the Summit (below, $75 at Spring), a smart crewneck t-shirt in a variety of cool, hazy colors. For those cool summer nights, we’re particularly fond of the Cruise pullover hoodie in sage (bottom, $99 at Spring). 

But don’t stop when summer ends — Naadam also has a killer selection of cashmere hoodies, cardigans, v-necks, caps, and more.

The Naadam story is interesting. This innovative clothing company claims to have circumvented the cashmere cartel (who knew?) to buy directly from the Mongolian goat herders, so Naadam can bring their products to market at a much lower price point than other brands. They also provide veterinary care, breeding development, and livestock insurance to the herders — and pay them about 50 percent more for the wool than other brokers. In return, Naadam gets first dibs on the cashmere, which is basically just combed out of the goats every spring. After the wool is cleaned and sorted, it’s then sustainably milled in the Italian Alps, as well as in China and Mongolia. Pretty cool. Clearly, this is one of those situations where you can look good and feel good too. 

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