New Jeans That Stretch but Don’t Stretch Out


One of the biggest arguments any high-end denimphile will likely make is that you should never wash your jeans. Never ever. You buy them tight so the raw 100% Japanese cotton denim relaxes and stretches out to fit you and your body perfectly. Wear them every day for a month, sleep in them, even shower in them when they are brand new! (Just cold water, no soap. Seriously, it works.) If you absolutely must wash them, do it inside out, in a bath tub with distilled white vinegar, and hang dry. OK, some of us are fine with these steps; others (like most guys) throw their jeans in the wash and dry them on high to get their shape back. Wear and repeat.

For those guys, there is something new—something to make your lives even easier, and that is Kinetic denim from Joe’s Jeans. No, this is not just a jean that stretches, it’s a pair of jeans that stretch without stretching out. That’s a big deal. That means you can get a few more wears out of your favorite jeans before having to throw them in the washer to “shrink them back up”. These guys are built to stay put.

Joe’s offers their six most popular styles in a variety of washes, so these are sure to satisfy the pickiest of denim-heads all the way down to the guys who just want to find their next favorite pair of jeans. (Prices start at $158.)


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