Rain Resistant Allbirds? Introducing the First Year-round Allbirds Designed for Wet Weather

Alllbirds rain shoes

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Everyone knows Allbirds makes the most comfortable shoes you can buy. Soft, pliable, and breathable, Allbirds were a revelation from the moment they hit the streets. Everyone who wears them loves them. Who would’ve thought wool would make for great shoes?

Still, if there is one drawback to wool shoes, it’s water. Yes, wool is soft, comfortable, and surprisingly airy but, as you might expect, wool doesn’t take kindly to moisture. Fact is, even light mist and drizzle tend to soak Allbirds, making them heavy and wet. And wool tends to be slow to dry.

So a morning walk through rain, drizzle, or mist sometimes turned into a day-long struggle with swamp-foot. That’s no fun. And if you accidentally step in a puddle? Forget about it.

allbirds rain shoes

So while they’re great in places like LA, Allbirds tend to be three- (or even two-) season shoes in much of the US and Europe. Now, just in time for fall, Allbirds has addressed its only drawback (as far as we can see).

Introducing the Mizzle, brand-new Allbirds made to repel moisture and drizzle (get it?). A complete collection of Allbirds for men and women, Mizzle means your feet will stay dry and comfy, no matter what the weather report has in store. The Allbirds Mizzle Collection dropped today at allbirds.com, and we can’t wait to give them a go.

Welcome to the Mizzle

The Mizzle Collection is the first weather-resistant Allbirds, and Allbirds manages the feat while staying true to its mission. The Mizzle is made without the use of synthetic materials and chemicals that can pollute soil and water. Instead Allbirds created proprietary Puddle Guard technology that utilizes a water repellant treatment and a breathable, water-resistant layer made with natural products. Let’s go puddle-jumping!


allbirds rain shoes

The Mizzle Collection includes two core Allbirds styles: the popular Wool Runner Mizzle (above, $115), and a brand-new high-top, the Runner-Up. The Runner-Up Mizzle (below, $135) is Allbirds’ first take on an all-wool high-top (the popular Tree Toppers are made of eucalyptus fiber) and is as close to an Allbirds boot as you’re like to get. Both styles are available now at allbirds.com and in select stores.


allbirds rain shoe

Both Mizzles utilize a thicker layer of ZQ-certified Merino wool, with a reinforced SweetFoam sole that’s accented by more traction than regular Alllbirds. This sole is designed to be sticky on wet pavement and slick floors.

Color choices are as follows: the Wool Runner Mizzle is available in Natural Black (with a dark grey sole, shown above), Harvest (mauve with a cream sole), Natural Grey (cream sole), and Savanna Night (navy wool with cream sole). The Wool Runner-Up Mizzle comes in: Tuke Jo (dark grey with cream sole), Jackalberry (green with cream sole, above), and Savanna Night (navy with dark blue sole).

Allbirds fans, rejoice! We are, because now we can wear our Allbirds almost year-round! Thanks to the brand-new Allbirds Mizzle Collection, available now at Allbirds.

Get It: Pick up the new Allbirds Runner-Up Mizzle ($135) and Wool Runner Mizzle ($115) at Allbirds


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